Hansa Jadva-Patel - Deputy Education Manager, St George's Breast Education Centre

Hansa Jadva-Patel is the deputy education manager at St George's Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Breast Screening Education and Training centre. She has advanced radiographic professional (HDCR), teaching qualifications (FAETC, TDCR, SFHEA) and a Masters (MSc) degree in Gerontology from Kings College, London University.

Her initial involvement with the breast cancer service was undertaking clinical and technical assessment of mammography equipment in line with the Forrest Report. As an academic, she has longstanding experience in the development, delivery, coordination and management of education in a range of healthcare programmes at different levels to an interprofessional audience. In her most recent role as an Associate Professor and Director of Postgraduate (Pg) education (1999-2017), she successfully developed the first breast cancer courses within UK, validated at master’s level to enable radiographers to embark on the career progression to advance and consultant practitioner status.

She has undertaken original research in the use of thin metal filters in radiography and has over 20 peer reviewed publications and abstracts. She has successfully attained research grant applications developing an e-induction programme for Pg students, HCPC funded collaborative project, researching the service user involvement in the design and delivery of education and training etc.