Faculty - Nursing Faculty

Charmaine Case is a Clinical Nurse Specialist working at the South West London Breast Screening Service. Within her role Charmaine supports clients by providing, verbal and written information within the breast screening service. This also includes explaining the process to alleviate the anxiety with practical advice and emotional support. Her role includes meeting with General Practitioner teams to help increase uptake of breast Screening and current developments. The Nursing team also engages with community groups regarding breast screening and breast awareness. Charmaine is a role model for experience and knowledge gained whilst working at St Georges for 15 years within the Symptomatic service and now in Screening. Prior to this she worked at the Royal Marsden for 5 years and has been nursing for 35 years. Charmaine loves working as a nurse!

Sarah Lea is a Clinical Nurse Specialist working at the South West London Breast screening service based at St George’s. The role involves a clinical component and a health promotion remit. She has a special interest in communication skills used within screening and has received training in counselling skills and theory. Sarah is currently involved in a project looking at promoting breast screening amongst women with a learning disability. Prior to working at St George’s she worked as a clinical nurse specialist at King’s College Hospital both within the screening and the symptomatic service. She completed her advanced course in breast care nursing and the oncology course at The Royal Marsden Hospital where she also worked for several years.

Claire Bailey is the Lead CNS for Breast Screening at SWL Breast Screening Service based at St George’s Hospital and has worked in breast care nursing since 2000. She is a guest lecturer at the School of Nursing and Midwifery, University of Kingston and University of London, St George’s Medical school, University of London and The Royal Marsden School. Claire trained at University of Wales, Cardiff and then completed specialist training at KCL, University of East Anglia and St George’s University of London. Claire has a particular interest in Breast Reconstruction following an early career spent in plastic surgery nursing. She also has a special interest in communication and health promotion. Claire also serves as the Professional advisor for Nursing for the London Screening Quality Assurance Service (SQAS) and sits on the National Breast Screening Nursing advisory panel.