About us

When the NHS Breast Screening Programme was set up, it was recognised that organised QA and robust training was needed to underpin the programme. A number of regional training organisations were established in centres of excellence, including here at St George’s Hospital, London. The NHSBSP is now the largest single Breast Screening Programme in the world and recognised as a beacon of excellence. In considerable part this is due to the underpinning QA and training structure.

We offer specialised education and clinical training to all professionals with an interest in breast diagnostics and treatment. This ranges from post-graduate training to individual study days tailored to your team’s requirements. Every year we see over 200 professionals on our courses.

Our success is based in part on our highly motivated, innovative and experienced Training Team. The partnership with Kingston University and St. George's Hospital Medical School, through the School of Radiography furnishes access to a great depth of educational expertise.

What type of courses do we provide?

We offer both ongoing professional education in the form of the PgC Postgraduate Practice in Mammography aimed at fully qualified radiographers and the Mammography Assistant Practitioner Training (MAPT). for those with no previous experience in Radiography.

In addition to these courses we offer a range of specialist Study Days designed to meet the needs of all professionals involved in Breast Diagnostics and Treatment .

We recognise that our specialist study days are not always the most convenient way of meeting your needs and often it is better to work with a team in their own environment. This enables us to respond more appropriately to the training and development needs of health care professionals and the organisations in which they are employed.

To respond to this need we now offer our clients Bespoke Study Packages. In this way we are able to deliver training:
o At your favoured location
o Spread over a number of days
o Tailored specifically to the needs of your multi-disciplinary team

Bespoke study sessions that we have recently delivered include: Peer review assessor training to multidisciplinary teams and Whole unit update training for mammographers.

To discuss any bespoke study requirements please simply contact us and we will happy to build a study unit that suits the particular needs of your team.